About Me

Adil Atalay Hamamcıoğlu

My name is Adil Atalay Hamamcıoğlu, I was born in 16/06/2000 in Edirne, Turkey. In my free time, I read books, write programs, make electronic projects using Arduino, I sometimes play tennis, go to swimming, or take photos.

I had my primary school education at Private Edirne College. Then we moved to Istanbul, and I had my middle school education at Feyziye Mektepleri Foundation Private Işık School. When I was 13-14, I grew an interest in programming and electronics, with the influence of my computer engineer uncle, I started learning lua in a modded game called Minecraft (with ComputerCraft mod), then with the help of my uncle I learned Visual BASIC and SQL PLUS. After middle school, I was accepted to Terakki Foundry Private Şişli Terakki High School. I chose programming club in prep grade, and learned C# there. In 9th grade, I chose FLL (First Lego League) club, and helped to build and program our team's robot. Next year, I was accepted to IB (International Baccalaureate) program, but I had to opt out at the end of the year, as my school didn't let students choose lessons, and most of the universities (in computer engineering branch) did not accept students who have not taken HL (High Level) Physics lesson. At the end of the 11th grade, I had an interview with the company Solvoyo about internship, and I was accepted. At the end of the summer, I worked there as an Intern for 20 days. Throughout my middle and high school years, I learned German and English, and in high school I attended multiple courses and competitions, which you can learn about here.

Right now, I'm studying cyber security engineering at Tallinn University Of Technology.

Programming (and markup) Languages I Know:

  • Dart
  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • C
  • Dart
  • VB.net (Visual BASIC)
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • lua
  • Micro C
  • Ruby
  • jQuery
  • SASS (~Markup)
  • ReactJS
  • HTML (Markup)
  • CSS (Markup)